Training Stuff

Who’s doing what (PC):

  • All rising in current class.

Who’s doing what (NPC):

  • Fizzle: Training as Cleric of God of (Siege, Mayhem, Havok – Melkor). Building Idol, and pillar to sacrifice… Druid
  • Zot: Training as Rogue (Baughb).
  • Flash!: Training as Rogue (Baughb).
  • Smash!: Training as Rogue (Baughb).
  • Lord K: Training as Cleric (God TBD).
  • Sandy: (Needs Metal Armor) Wants to train as fighter.

Training Gear:


  • Lock (1) – Stolen off of hut in the quarry. [Unused.]
  • Lock (1) – Baughb’s starting lock. [Used.]
  • Trap – Built by Baughb.
  • Thief’s tools – Borrowed from Baughb.


  • Build a shrine to your God.
  • Per-deity honorific and/or sacrificial requirements.


  • Need a gym….need training dummies.

Training Stuff

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