House Rules


We’ll use a slightly modified form of the Pathfinder core rules. Just the core rulebook – no supplements.

You’ll start at 1st level and we’ll end play around 7th level. Beyond that, it gets super-heroic and very un-gobliny.

Attributes are point-buy, with 15 points.

All humanoids have a favored class, and can gain levels freely in that class. Anyone can also gain levels in any NPC class freely. One can train to gain levels in other PC classes as well, but only with some outside source of knowledge and practice (see Gaining Levels in the Tribe section below for more). Most people take their favored class from their race – for Goblins, this is Warrior (which is useless, since that’s an NPC class anyway). But you are playing particularly talented goblins – your favored class is whatever class you start as.

Here’s the goblin racial template:

- 2 str, + 4 dex, – 2 cha
Small: + 1 size bonus to AC and attack rolls, – 1 CMB/CMD, + 4 size bonus to stealth.
Darkvision 60’
30’ base speed
+ 4 racial bonus to Ride and Stealth
Language: Goblin (only; note but don’t fill any extra language slots)

You start with 1/10th the book wealth for a 1st level character of your class. Note the price changes in Coinage and Equipment, below.


Perception, Stealth, Bluff, Intimidate, and Diplomacy will be rolled, but with heavy modification by circumstances and player actions or speech. Disable Device is used only for magical traps; anyone can disable mechanical traps by declaring a plausible means of doing so.


You should have a look at the appendix about names when naming your character.

Goblins have no established church or religion. You can vest faith in any entity, force, or cause you like. I don’t have an established pantheon; help me make one up! Note that Clerics don’t have to pray to anthropomorphic gods; a Cleric is merely someone who has dedicated themselves to a greater cause, which could be an ethical code, an aspect of nature, a principle, etc.

We’re ignoring the attribute modifiers from age brackets, both positive and negative.


Stealth Kills

You can administer a coup de grace attack to targets which are completely unaware of danger, as well as those that are helpless. Doing so requires that you get next to them undetected (obviously), and then make a Stealth check at -5 opposed by their Perception check (they’re probably taking 10 if they’re a legitimate target for this tactic). If you succeed, you execute a coup de grace; if you fail, you make a normal attack as a full round action instead (you still get any Sneak Attack damage on a failure).


Falling (and being landed on) deals geometric damage; 1d6 for the first 10 feet, 2d6 for the second, and so on, to a maximum of 20d6. Despite hit points, long falls will kill you (and others!).


If your character dies (resurrection is theoretically possible, but unlikely at these power levels), you’ll get to introduce a new one sometime shortly thereafter, starting from 1 character level lower than your old one was when they died. This might mean promoting some other tribe member, or the new character might be someone the tribe encounters in the forest. We’ll work out the details as needed.

Coinage and Equipment

All expenses intended for adventurers (cost of masterwork items, cost of magic items, treasure values, gp/xp conversion via spells, etc.) are 1/10th of book value. Expenses for normal people (wages, cost of food, clothing, tools, etc) have new costs, but they’re mostly pretty close to the book costs. Weapons and armor have completely new (mostly lower) prices; see the tables in the Prices section.

Due to shortage of skills and capital, forest denizens sometimes wind up using weapons, armor, and tools made from substandard materials. You can substitute these materials anywhere more civilized folks would use steel. The rules for this are as follows:

Bone or Stone:
- 1 hit, – 1 dmg, – 3 skill, breaks on a ‘1’, no metal armor, no long blades.
- 1 hit, – 1 dmg, – 1 ac, – 2 skill
- 1 hit, – 1 ac, – 1 skill
- 1 hit, – 1 dmg, – 2 skill, cannot make plates (i.e. no breastplates, full or half plate, or metal shields).
as normal

Tribe Members

We’ll generate the other members of your tribe with dice rolls at the first session. They will mostly be 1st level Warriors, but a few may have other skills.


The following spells don’t exist:
Shrink Item
Mirror Image

The following spell is new:

Detect Levels
Level: Wiz/Sor 0, Clr 0
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Medium (100’ + 10’/lvl)
Target: One Creature
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No
You detect the basic overall power level of a single creature, corresponding to its total hit dice or character level.

Detect Levels Faint Moderate Strong Overwhelming
HD/Level 1-3 4-6 7-9 10+

House Rules

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