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This is a roleplaying game about a group of goblins making a life for themselves in the forest – probably mostly by pillaging and looting. You can raid human settlements and the lairs of other monsters, build or capture facilities to make supplies and weapons, build a defensible lair, and trade with other monsters. You will have to defend what you’ve built, and are likely to have to fight off other monsters and ‘civilized’ adventurers.

Style of Play

This is a low-level wilderness sandbox game. The emphasis will be on player tactical and strategic decision making (often as expressed through combat), on exploring the world, and on building up the power and security of your character and your tribe. Along the way there will be some portraying your character, and probably some humor and some drama, but these things are not central.
Each player will control a single primary character. In addition, you’ll collectively have control over a small tribe of additional goblins and any allies you may have recruited, hired, or enslaved.
There is no plot, and only the loosest of official goals. The story will emerge from your actions and the things you find in your explorations.
You can lose this game – the tribe can be wiped out. The world will react to your actions, but is not ‘tuned’ to you – nothing necessarily matches your current power level, for instance. It will be important to know what you’re getting into before committing – consider how your character might contribute to scouting or intelligence gathering.
Creative solutions are encouraged. Combat is ruled by the formal D&D rules (and has some knock-on effects, like hit points), but everywhere else, the mechanical logic of the fiction trumps the rules. If it should work, it will work.
I will be generating new areas of the world on the fly, as you explore, using an automated set of random tables. Once things exist in the world, I’ll do my best to be a watch-maker god, running the world forward in time according to its own internal logic, rather than to help or hinder you or to create drama or pacing for a story.

The Story So Far

You grew up in a small goblin tribe living on a small island, just out of sight of the coast of a vast continent. It was a safe and pleasant life for a goblin, with no major threats and easily obtained food. But goblins breed quickly, and the island is small. So the tribe has a custom – of any given generation, a few stay on to perpetuate the tribe, and the rest are sent out into the broader world to make their own way. You all came of age recently, and willingly or not, had to leave the island. The group of you constructed the traditional raft, loaded it with supplies, and pushed out into the ocean.
But a storm came up the following morning, and your crude and flimsy raft broke up, nearly drowning you. You washed up on a sandy beach on the edge of a vast forest, somewhere on the mainland. You are together, and everyone is still alive and healthy, but most of your supplies are lost. You’ll need to pull yourself up from nearly nothing.

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