Goblin Uprising

Eighteen-Nineteen : Wherein we run out of obvious things to do.

A giant, a couple mooks, and the loss of the Dire Bear!

Work the forge, write the runes. Work the forge, write the runes. At least I’m getting some practice crafting for real now, and we’re all back together. That, and the treasure. Shiiiiny, shiiiny treasure.

Ah well; at least the attackers have been reasonably easy to repel, but we seriously need to fix up that tower. And kill all the humans. And possibly some of the goblin tribe.

So, hammer and forge, all day long.

Quick recap this time:

  • Making the items. Finished about 3/4ths, including MadKix’s bow.
  • Need to go check in on Prayer Beads.
  • Witch Ogre and ogre brethren attacked, and overran the ruined tower. Need to fix that.
  • Collected taxes successfully! Fiend Form I is the best. :)
  • Dire bear bought it. Sad. Need to fix that, too.
  • Pyre can successfully pose as a very grumpy dwarf, and deal with the town.
  • We should bank with the dwarf – 2k gold or so, just as an emergency reserve.
  • Wolf pack! Roo has a gang, now.
  • Trogolydyte manservant.



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