Goblin Uprising

March 2nd

We mounted the big crossbow on a swivel at the opposite side of the fort from the gate.
Fizzle trained a pet wolf companion named Cannon.

Got into a big fight with seven orcs, of whom one was a spellcaster able to paralyze goblins.
Two of us nearly died due to being paralyzed. We killed five, tied up one, one went invisible and escaped. The loot from this is on the loot list.

This orc negotiated his freedom in exchange for the following interrogation then fled into the woods:
p. “My tribe came from the mainland. We came here in canoes to explore. And the one with the conch shell was a priest. We have also a priest of strength. A priest of war. There are a hundred of us total. Seven on the island. We intend to return by canoe. The invisible wizard probably turned invisible because he is a wizard. This group of orcs have not met the dwarves or the minotaur but have just arrived on the island.”

Fizzle and Cannon tracked him as he fled into the woods.

Buaghb went to find the orcs’ canoes on the beach. Later on the other goblins went running after to meet up with him. Snaga and Barnabus and Kaiser remained in the fort.

We found nothing of interest on the beach and returned to the fort. Some gobs returned directly, others wandered about in the woods looking for alchemically significant vegetation.

Some minions worked on modifying armor to goblin-size.

And then something approached the fort….

snaga crossbow progress – 595
scorpio progrss : 2400 total



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