Goblin Uprising

February 16

Orcs dragged us towards a dwarven barricade
The gobs turned on the orcs and killed them, then fled into an obscuring mist
(but one of the gobs threw a javelin at a dwarf to no effect)
(there was a sound and light show in the mist courtesy bernie)
From the orcs we stripped:
– 2 falchions
– eleven medium-sized studded leather armor
– several globs of meat in a chitinous shell
– 3lb black jerky

Bob tried to negotiate with the dwarves to trade gold for armor, but it was too expensive. He just got some information out of them and tipped them a single gold piece. They said that they probably wouldn’t kill us on sight if we tried to trade again.

left the dwarf cave late afternoon, carrying four dead orcs back to the grimolocks, who were pleased with the gift of orcmeat. we gave them two orcs and butchered the other two for jerky.

The grimlocks were led to an engagement with a large winged insectoid thing in a cave. The goblins followed behind, and arrived in time to heal some injured grimlocks.
we retrieved three spider-eater claws from the insect thing. The dead spider was nearby. It was full of spider-eater larva which Bernie helpfully incinerated along with the spider and its web. we recovered a desiccated venom sac from the spider’s head.

We returned to the fort and set about on weapon maintenance.
Spot The Owl returned near dawn and explained about being nearly eaten by a giant owl. He discovered a human town about a night’s flight to the west-west-north, which is maybe 30-50 miles. It had a harbor with tallships. There are armed men and the town is walled. The town is less than three miles wide. He discovered a mountain with a scary bird lady who fed him. There were also several gnolls on the mountain. There are at least two empty villages on the mountain; one on the north side. There is little else on the north side of the mountain. There is a tower. There’s a road partway up the mountain, connecting the mountain villages. The zenith of the moon is to the south at this time of year.

The tanning racks at the fort provided two bear hides, four deer hides, one bat-hide.

Liz did alchemical work. Created one unit of napalm and various poisons.

Kaiser converted two suits of leather armor to goblin size, with 34 units of progress left over.

Snaga made 570 units of progress on short bow making.

More spot info: nine miles past the mountain is a lake.

Later that night, the gobs went to a human fort. Baughb tried to sneak in by grappling up the wall, but was discovered and fled into the trees. So we gave up and went home.



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