• Current To-do:
    • Mead and Cider and Pastries for Giant
    • Rare stuff (shiny objects) for Giant.
    • Eat and Be Amused.
    • Set things on fire
    • Do Witch’s List.
    • Build Siege Engines
    • Build a training gym.
    • Pay Krack-ass 50 GP/Month
    • Explore Furion’s old lair.
  • Things Da Witch Sez:
    • Brain Jar from Witch (X)
    • Poppy Seeds (X)
    • Nightshade (X)
    • Giant Bee Wax (X – full barrel)
    • Rustmonster Corpse – Rustmonsters are giant beetle types; get the abdomen plate.
    • Ettin Brain – (Wet, use the jar) Ideally, both. (X)
    • Elf Skin
    • Vampire Bones
    • Basilisk Eye (Wet) (X)
    • Minotaur Horns (X)
    • Very large ruby (if we can).

Notes from da Witch:

  1. Kraksis, the Demon/devil is trying to take over the island.
    • Humanoid with bat wings
  2. 2 Cats (Dire) and Wizard dude are bad dudes, and further inland, on way to dwarf.
    • He likes cookies.
  3. Blue Guy makes glass, doesn’t like visitors.
  4. Harpies on the mountain top.
  5. Trolls – Kill the trolls (Witch).
  6. This island makes giant things (the water, maybe?)
  7. We are on an island.
  8. Winecrest/Wankrest is the city on the other side of the island (30-40 miles).
  9. Dwarf on the mountain, in abandoned village.
  10. Human fort is hostile and has ~8 people.
  11. Witch’s house is up hill NW, through small draw.

Interesting creatures:

  1. Underworld here. Grimlock from them.
  2. Trade with Grimlock for booze, tools, meat for booze.


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