Goblin Uprising

Thirteen - In which Snauga is entirely too close to the action for her taste.

On taunting Demons...

Someone finally found a use for an aquatic combat shape, as a druid? Well, that’s something you don’t see every day. Seems the druid cut large holes in their boat as a porpoise, and lit it on fire to boot – shame they didn’t all die, but the loot was really quite nice.

And look at this anchor! Good metal. I can’t believe they drug it all the way back here.

I’m glad they stopped by really I am, but I’d rather not be this close to ground zero for their demon plot – so what if the witch thinks attacking the demons disguised as humans and elves is a great idea, I don’t.

Drubbing some human peasants and convincing them that the demons did it? Sure. Easy, even. Idiots will believe a demon caused their cow to go lame. But we clearly also have to thump the tax collectors themselves, right on my doorstep.

Sigh At least they won. Hopefully the demons were fooled. Now, help me carry this…

- Pyre sank the boat with great awesome, and we scored some loot. Sadly, the adventurers clearly survived, and made it back to town.
- We cached out with the dwarf, and found out that the magic hammer is pretty good at crafting.
- We learned that the humans may have a full on army elsewhere (Also, we were wrong, that was Waincrest, per the witch).
- The witch helped us disguise as humans to attack the tax collector demons, who we killed one of, drove off the rest, then fled.
- The plan is to repeat this with the humans, and then go underground (into the Wizard-hole) with the witch while the humans and demons fight.
- We really, really need to make Bus something to make his Will suck less. He got charmed out of the battle in one round.



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