Goblin Uprising

Seventeen - In which deals are made and some goblins get a new home.

The Office of Goblin Revenue

One might expensive extra-planar phone call (Borgletuly the imp is a scam artist, I tell ya), and we were face to, er, flames, with Alhazab himself – who the witch seems to know. A little too well, if you know what I mean.

He seems rather pointedly uninterested in this whole plane – but he was willing to make his lads go ‘poof’ in return for the gem, so hey, even if we didn’t cut a Devil’s deal, we got out ahead! No more Kraksis.

Agatha and her mother mauled the ogres who’d tried to take over the office of material revenue – and we scored! One loose paving stone later, and we have our own golem-defended-bank. Never mind that Furion appeared worried about a Dragon-worshipping kobold cult, or that there’s illithids on the island, more elves, a fire giant forge out there somewhere (new trading partners?), archer gnolls in the wild, kobolds all over the isle we should kill off, or that the adventurers are still looking for us…

…nope, no reason to worry about any of that. We’ve got a lovely new tower and castle set!

Furion knew a thing or two about fortresses, let me tell you. I just need to move my forge up here, and we can crank out some real toys with the massive pile of gold we’re sitting on.

….now why would a wizard have a fortress for no obvious reason, with no spire or lab, out in the wilds?



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