Goblin Uprising

Session 16: A New Baughb

A necromantic-nature cleric named Baughb (no relation) arrived at the goblin fort while the goblins were crafting and training. He initially made an arrogant nuisance of himself, and nearly got thrown out of the fort, but seems to have settled down.

The goblins spent the next few days making crossbows and hunting using the Druidic method – they turned a bear and a boar into jerky and animated skeletons.

While they were out one afternoon, the human soldiers arrived at the goblin fort. They moved the crossbar for the gate somehow and caused it to open apparently by itself. Snaga, who was the only one in the fort at the time, ran for the priest hole and escaped out the back as the soldiers entered the fort. She ran into the woods and hid. The soldiers burned the fort down. The wolves were present in their ‘den’ at the time, and Snaga doesn’t know what happened to them.

The rest of the tribe returned while the fort was still ablaze, and Bernie used Pyrotechnics and the conflagration to create the biggest flash-bang ever, thereby extinguishing the fire. The goblins picked through the ruins to retrieve what they could – Pyre’s alchemical equipment had miraculously survived, and the digging tools were intact – and high-tailed it for the bat cave, obscuring their tracks behind them.

They spent a couple more days working on crossbows, and set Baughb’s skeletal bear to digging a back exit to the cave, using a mining pick strapped to its forearm. They investigated the well in the back of the cave, which turned out to be entirely mundane. They also went down to the blockhouse to leave the witch a note, and found one she’d already left for them; she’d been by once already, on the full moon, but an appendix to the original note claimed she’d return four days later – tomorrow, at the time the goblins found her note.

We ended play as the goblins were preparing to set out in full force to meet the witch.



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