Goblin Uprising

Session 12 bare-bones log

Raw notes from Session 12 (2/2/13):

explored mine shaft.
found a giant spider in one of its branches, didn’t explore further.
there was a flying quadraped overhead but we hid from it.
went on to grimlocks. they’re looking for a tunnel to the underworld.
we arranged with them to set up a trap for the ogres.
the ogres were feeding grimloccks to a plant monster in a pit.
we lured the ogres into a trap and killed them. we got two ogres’ worth of meat and a deer out of it.
we ate one ogre in a big party with the grimlocks.
the grimlocks traded us mushroom wine for ogre meat and minepick heads.
we then doubled back and killed the plant monster, although barnabas took some injury during the process. the priests healed him.
the plant monster contained only some obsidian axe heads and the metal parts of a dagger. the ogres had clubs which we didn’t need.
then we went back to the fort. we saw a bird of prey on the way.
spot is missing.
the grimlocks asked us to lead them (at night) to the mine shaft with the spider in it in case it leads deeper.
followed dwarf tracks as far as we could, lost them, but found a cave that was a system of lava tubes.
it contained a pile of stones arranged in a manner consistent with an arcane portal, and a floor rock carving looking like a sinewy celtic knot in a tangled shape, like a nest of worms
we found five orcs further in the cave, near two of their dead allies. they attempted to persuade us into attacking eleven dwarves with them.
at the moment we concluded, the orcs had grabbed Baughb and several of the goblins and were charging down a tunnel towards a dwarven palisade.
threerist, twobie, snaga, and bernie were hiding behind a corner and unseen by orcs.



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