Goblin Uprising

Running - Twenty - Flying, hopping, climbing, fleeing!

Dashing, sneaking, bounding, leaping, scurrying.....

And the day was off to such a lovely start, too.

Making magical items, of course we were down both Pyre and the giant undead bear…..and then the humans turned it to utter shite. Of course they came in invisible and all buffed up, and of course they summoned a massive rhinoceros on our heads.

The troglodyte showed a startling amount of good sense, and fled.

Once we stopped trying to kill them, and instead bubbled them out of the combat, things improved considerably. Unfortunately, by then we were all nearly dead. Well over half the party hit negative hit points….sigh I wonder what my new body will be?

What we know:
- Druid, summoned Rhinoceros, at least 7th level.
- Wizard (?), throwing five-missile magic missile barrages.
- Woman with dreadlocks – two attacks per round and channel negative, which suggests 8th level Cleric, but also cast arcane spells. Confusing.
- Andrea – ? – Invisible, didn’t reliably hit Sandy.
- Elf ranger-dude – blonde, shoots at least as hard as Hugmug, no obvious animal in sight. DR?
- Fighter – Couldn’t hit him on a 29, at least two attacks per round.



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