Goblin Uprising

RaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaGHHHH! (Now, I'm pissed off.)

By the pit! We’ll eat them alive for this! /Ahem/ We gots ta begin at da beginning.

We was roamin along, eatin and squishin grots (da cats taste dam gud, even if dey do make da scream face lots). Da last ting dat wants to eated us was da humies, so we hadta squish ‘em, too. (Gotta squish all the humies, else dey come back. Like Ma’s toe grot, they is.)

So da tree-hugger made with the poisons (never eatin’ her cookin, ever), and we waited; even shiv’d a couple a humies that came into da trees. Was gonna bonk one and make ‘em think plague killed da rest, so dey wouldn’t send more (brainy plan from da leaf-girl), but dey just hit in da fort.

So we snuck up on ‘em. Dat magic guy makes it so dey can’t see me, and I speak excellent human, so we arranged for a pyrotechnic distraction on the opposite side of the fort and I climbed the /cough/ climbed da wallz and bash da gard in da tower. Da rest of the greens were climbin da wall, but da humies sees us, and dey womped on our heds. Da tree-witch came out of da mists right into da fighter-bad, and he skooshed her. Poor leaf gurl. mebbe I put you bak together again….hm….which way does da noze go?

We wuz gonna flee, but Bus skooshed him right back, and we gots da gate open (da gate…with da undead beasties outside), so we womped dem. Dey got a flyin gurl that spits holy lightning, and de good bone-kin didn’t like dat (poor bonie #1), but we torched da place good, grabbed all da stuff and charged off into da wuds (coverin da traks, course). Gots to go bak and skoosh da rest. Dat cleric, specially.

Bak at da tower, sortin tha loots. Now, where is da un-undead-em kit….


- Killed some howler/fear cats.
- Went to go whomp on some humans that Pyre poisoned.
- Pyre bought it to a critical from a 7th-lv fighter.
- Sandy and Barnabus then each got a critical of their own, and fighter is now goo.
- The Magic-user appears to no longer be there. They clearly have a Good-aligned cleric, now…should be able to detect her, easy, but must keep in mind that she can detect me, too.
- Didn’t get all of them. ~4 of the low-ranking ones fled, and the caster, too.
- We really should have eaten the human bodies. Free food, eh.
- On the way back home, ran into some more fear cats. Scared them off? At any rate, they didn’t attack. )


Woot. Thanks for the update, Baughb/Vincent!


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