Goblin Uprising

One - The journals of Snaga, the Survivor

On fishing, Hill Giant snogging, and things not to desecrate.


After we killed off the harpy’s minions, she (sensibly) is nowhere in sight. The birds work for her, apparently; little informants in the trees (but the druid may see to turning them to a more useful purpose). After that rock-slide, I’m not going with the party – better to stay here, where it’s safe, yes, safe…..well, sort of. The tax demons may…no, better not to think about them coming by.

Steve (the hippogriff) is back in his stable, seeming suitably abashed at his following the harpy into the woods.

Notes from later in the week (from the party):

Generally, just waiting to get the supplies from the Dwarf before venturing into Furion’s lair (or, what we think is his lair). Count me out. I’ve survived too much to go poking my head into mystic death holes.

Went to see the Orcs that Pyre noticed in the woods. Or rather, the Orc – apparently, he and Baughb had a fascinating conversation about fish and mushroom wine in broken Goblin (this despite Gorag speaking perfect Orcish) – He’s been here for three moons, and came from off the island originally; seems nice enough, for an Orc. The longhouse belongs to a woodcutter family we left mostly unmolested (they pay less taxes than us! Only 10 gold, so we took some peaches, and informed them they’d paid the ‘Kobold Tax’).

Killed off a basilisk – I don’t know what the hype was about, but Pyre seems pleased with the alchemical nasty bits – and another thing off the witch-list (she seemed very out of sorts this visit – I wonder why?)

One of the grimlocks showed up – no luck with their cave/Underdark so far, so we pointed them to the kobold’s caves. They promised to keep an eye out for any rustmonster bits (or Vampires and/or Elves) – friendly little blind fellows – and their wine packs quite a wallop. (Note to self: Work on setting noisemaker traps all around the tower the next time the party wanders off).

There’s an shrine to some god or another – font of holy water, if you like that sort of thing. Nice to perhaps use on those demons, later. Not like we can make any, ourselves, so let’s keep it for now.

Found and searched the horse statue, killing off a cockatrice on the way, but nothing remarkable, really. Heading down to the alleged Elves (why a party of sensible goblins would go looking for Elves is beyond m-…oh, wait, I did say ‘sensible’ didn’t I? Never mind). Then encountered some hill giants (Note: Not Ogres. Ogres are just meaner, bigger Orcs – they can barely lift most boulders. Hill giants throw boulders. For fun!) Luckily, they seemed more interested in each other – in a most unnaturally wet-sounding way. Ew. They did say they’d found some ore of note, though – perhaps looting them later would be advisable? Nasty business – amazingly strong (more than the Minotaurs, or the Trolls; we would want a potent poison for these).

Further south, came to a long house with smoke curling from the chimney – left that alone for now. Pyre says she’s seen a cluster of huts that look promising for the Elves, in the direction the adventurers mentioned – hopefully, we can skin one fairly easily, and be down to only two things needed for the witch – the Rustmonster and the Vampire.



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