Goblin Uprising

Ten - Imp, Begone!

Squishy, squishy; you into goo!

Of course the imp works for Kraksis! This should be obvious! I mean, the Wizard- (no, get the blue runes. The red ones tend to explode…) -the Wizard made an infernal pact with Kraksis and an imp just happens to be there after? Yeah, should have seen that one coming.

They broke into Furion’s lab and made off with a bunch of his stuff, through a Druid-made hole in the wall. The lab revealed Furion’s spell book, and his plans (as well as some valuable notes) – he cut an infernal deal with Kraksis, and is trying to get out of it by hiding his soul….in a giant ruby. The same giant ruby we’ve been looking for.

They left the dungeon – casually mauling a pair of Ettins and looting them. The witch was hospitable, as usual, but seemed instantly incensed when we mentioned the imp – pointing out what should have been obvious – the imp works for the baddie -….so we killed him, messily, and nearly instantly.

Now we have a plan – use the gem to show Kraksis’ boss that Kraksis can’t be trusted to deliver what he’s owed. Even better, the witch knows where there’s a tomb that sounds like the one Furion went after.

However, she requires we fetch back her signal eye first – we’re crouching down near where the harpy was, waiting for her to help us challenge them.



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