Goblin Uprising

Four-fifteen - Unda Da Sea!

Aquatic acrobatics and you!

(Quick summary of last time.)
- Killed undead things
- Stole from wyverns, got some good alchemy and scrolls.
- Bus got to second base. An undead beastie macked on him.

I swear, those people can’t decide whether to kill it, eat it, or make friends with it. Why go to all the trouble to feed the wyverns only to kill them?

Come here, hold this. If we’re fleeing, we’re doing it properly.

Look, the wyverns, all right, fine. But Baughb is a negative channeling cleric. What business did that idiot have getting into a slap-fight with wraiths? Lucky the whole party didn’t die; and they didn’t even get any loot!

The chimera in the woods was just adding insult to injury. At least Hugmug put a few good arrows into it.

Quick bullets:

  • Killed 4/6th of the wyverns and looted not much from them.
  • We tied a rope to a wyvern and the cave baddie (9+HD) pulled it over the edge.
  • Dark shapes in shark cave – Shadows?
  • Serious CON damage.
  • Grabbed rope and ran.
  • Got advice from divine entity to make sunlight.
  • Hugmug pissed off a Chimera in the woods.
  • The witch still owes us the potions.



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