Goblin Uprising


Bus & Sandy

After waking from death into the form of a hobgoblin, Barnabus feels a need for structure in his life. The Great Wandering, as he now calls it, had its toils and spoils, but he desires something more. He receives a great hug from Sandy, now a small Kobold, and decides that the world needed a philosophy of hugging. However, he lacks the intelligence and literacy to articulate potential axioms. She offers to be his lifelong friend and scribe. Emboldened by this show of support, he transitions from being a barbarian into the role of a monk. With Sandy to help him think through his few thoughts, he believes that he can achieve hugging enlightenment. (Subsequently, he begins a shift towards Neutral Good)

Sandy returned to life, feeling weaker, but somewhat more intelligent regarding crafting things. Despite feeling diminutive, she liked having scales. Sandy gathered that the group might be dispersing after their adventures. Not wanting to face the world alone as a weakling, she chooses to live out her life with Barnabus. Partly due to fear of the world, but also she has come to like the big, stupid oaf. Knowing that he will also be just as lost in the world, she offers to join his quest and also become a monk and his scribe. (She remains Neutral in order to anchor Bus in reality)

They intend to finish Bus’ Hugging Mantra of Embrace and create copies. First, they plan to return to the Harpy Cave to finish a draft of the first manuscript. Then they plan to travel to other Goblin villages and provide hugs only when needed. They travel the island for one more year before settling to create a Hugging Dojo, which would be open to all inhabitants devoted to the art of hugging.

The Rakshasa dispatches some goblin minions from the glassworks to the dojo to keep an eye on things, but decides the Order of the Hug is harmless, and his goblins go partially native.


Pyre retires still a goblin, just outside the little Elven village at Hex 042062, where her status as a druid leads her to be accepted. She spends most of her time as a tree or as a bird. She trades alchemical poisons and spell casting services for what little she needs.

Baughb and Toerag

Baughb and Toerag collect taxes as devils for a while. Their victims assume they are stragglers left behind when Kraxiz left, but since they pick only on the weak, they still meet little resistance.

Baughb pays Pyre to Reincarnate him several more times over the course of the next couple years, until he finally becomes an Elf (and therefor has a long natural lifespan). He collects goblin minions from future rafts and elsewhere, and slowly becomes a major but subtle force for evil on the island, working his way toward lichdom. He keeps in touch with Agatha and Toerag, and the three of them form a strange mutually-useful-but-suspicious relationship, sharing information and keeping tabs on each other.

Toerag sells his soul to Ahazaub with Agatha and Lotha’s help to broker the deal. He gets the services of a Nightmare, becomes a vampire, and sets out to learn demonic magical secrets. As a vampiric kobold, he gets involved with the kobold dragon cult under the mountain, and creates a number of vampire-spawn kobold minions. Over time, he gets more and more withdrawn and sickly-looking.


Snaga settles in Winecrest as a craftsgnome. She trades both with the residents and with her former companions in the wilderness, especially Pyre and Baughb, keeping black market connections open between them.


Hugmug retires as a human shepherd, accompanied by Roo and his growing pack, outside of Winecrest on the West end of the island. She develops a minor reputation in town as the crazy ranger woman who somehow manages to keep a herd alive in the hostile wilderness. Minor adventuring and prospecting parties from Winecrest sometimes stop to ask her for information about the threats nearby, and learn to bring her liquor to curry favor.


Madkix hires Pyre to cycle his body until he too becomes an Elf, regaining his stealthiness and buying a longer lifespan. He sells his services as scout and assassin to the Rakshasa Ahnap, in exchange for wizardly training. He aspires to eventually create a golem factory, and to somehow reach the moon (this might actually be possible via the Illithids on the island).



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