Goblin Uprising

Elev-welve - Ettins and Dead 'umans!

How to serve man - usually with potatoes!

They what? Ok, the Ettins, I can understand – killing random monsters in the woods is just good policy, but how many times were they going to try to sneak down that lava tube and catch the humans by surprise?

At least (after that failed, repeatedly and spectacularly), they tried luring them out, too. When that didn’t work, Pyre got the bright idea to sneak in through the arrow slits as a tiny owl – she slit their alarm rope, then popped the door, and ran like hell!

Bus, Baughb, and the other head-smashers pounced, and beat the daylights out of the person who happened to be on guard – by a stroke of luck, the one carrying the bauble for the witch. A daring escape later, and the party was out in the woods, a lot of their stuff back.

Frankly, I can’t believe it worked.

The demons came by for tax…disturbing. They claim the grimlocks have less than two weeks to pay or vacate. Perhaps we should try killing them?

What with one thing and another, the humans did manage to get to the boat, though. Pyre slowed them down with a cleverly placed wood shape – did you know she can turn into a porpoise? On purpose, even!


  • Eleventh chronicle went mostly missing. Lots of unsatisfying psuedo-raids on the humans in their cave with no good plan,
  • Killed some ettins in the woods.
  • Pyre snuck into the human camp and popped the door.
  • We killed the Barbarian and got the Witch’s bauble back.
  • Demons are trying to tax the grimlocks – grimlocks plan to flee.
  • Pyre shaped a hole into the boat, but it wasn’t enough to sink them.
  • We probably need to figure out how to sink the boat.



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